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We want to make sure you are able to contact the right person at Miratel to answer your specific questions about us. Beneath you’ll find further information about the key personnel at our contact centre and lettershop mail house. Click on the individual employee name to email them direct.

Managing Partner

Angela founded Miratel with Tracy in 2000 as both wanted to create a business that would bring the best in customer service and marry that with a principled, ethical approach which would provide cost effective solutions in the call center industry. With more than 15 years experience in the industry Angela has learned that integrity and trust are the key in building lasting partnerships with clients. Her expertise in operations and developing programs that bring results have aided Miratel in becoming an industry leader for call center solutions. She also relishes the contributions Miratel is able make to green initiatives that Miratel is associated with, making a difference is critical to Angela.

Managing Partner

Tracy founded Miratel with Angela in 2000 and their collaboration in ideas, client relationship building and creating the ideal team has allowed the company to grow rapidly over the decade since its inception. With over 20 years in a senior management capacity, Tracy is an experienced executive with an extensive background in call center and not-for-profit associated services management. Her ambition and dedication to her craft enabled her to rapidly ascend the corporate hierarchy and led to the desire to co-create Miratel with Angela to provide a better service for customers. Her strong work ethic, commitment to serving the planet and dynamic approach are key elements in the successful growth of Miratel today.

Managing Director

With over 15 years experience in the nonprofit sector Alexander is a highly motivated and creative leader. Alexander’s genuine dedication to Miratel’s company vision and its development has allowed both himself and Miratel to grow together since its inception in 2000. The last decade with the company has allowed Alexander to master every aspect of our business and lends his experience to his current role on a daily basis. With a knowledgeable and multi-faceted approach to business solutions, Alexander has ensured sustained annual growth and the overall retention of Miratel’s client base. He is the senior member of our Client Management team and brings creativity, results and commitment to each of our valued clients.

Fulfillment Manager

Shobana brings over 10 years operations experience within the call centre and fulfillment business sectors with a speciality in fundraising and charitable lottery project management. She is highly regarded for her efficiency improvement, process re-engineering, time management and customer satisfaction. Shobana’s strategic insight from her years of industry experience and multiple project launches allows her to effectively manage our clients’ goals and ultimately deliver winning results. On a daily basis, Shobana diligently works every day to ensure that her own and her team’s focus remains dedicated to the success of our corporate and our client’s objectives.

IT Manager

Steve brings an exceptional IT background to Miratel with more than 15 years experience as an IT manager providing solutions and innovation within the field of technology for Miratel. His diverse background in multiple industries lends itself well to providing effective and practical IT solutions within our dynamic environment. Technology is the most rapidly changing component of our business and Steve offers both us and our clients strength in his ability to streamline processes to maximize efficiency for better results. Steve effectively manages projects that involve IT upgrades, analysis and research. He has also managed numerous data migration projects which involved significant data conversion and manipulation while adhering to tight timelines.

Network & Compliance Manager

Marc manages the IT department and maintains Miratel’s PCI compliant status.  He brings over 15 years of managing and administering IT environments to Miratel.  Given his strong project management background participating or leading complex projects and past experiences working with sensitive data, Marc was asked to lead the annual initiative to maintain compliance in accordance with PCI DSS.  A creative solution architect, Marc has been instrumental in many of Miratel’s recent successes and service improvements and as a believer in continual service improvement strives to identify and execute on opportunities or ways to improve the company and its processes.

Call Centre Manager

Rosalynne brings a wealth of managerial and entrepreneurial experience to her role as Call Centre Manager. She is a diligent and professional individual who ran her own companies for over 10 years and now brings that same attention and commitment to Miratel. Rosalynne is an excellent team player with solid labour and performance management skills; she takes pride in her work and goes to any length to achieve client and business goals and objectives. Miratel is stronger with Rosalynne on the team and her previous call centre experience combined with the wealth of knowledge gained from being an owner/operator continually builds on that strength.

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