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Corporate Responsibility

social justice

Miratel manages its services and conducts its business activities at our Toronto call center to the highest ethical standards. As members of the global community, Miratel believes that promoting social justice is our collective responsibility and as a corporation, we need to lead by example. We do so with the following principles:

1. Miratel respects internationally accepted legal principles and obey the laws of countries in which it does business.
2. Miratel respects the privacy rights of its employees, customers, and suppliers.
3. Miratel promotes a work environment of equal opportunity for all employees and does not engage in unlawful discrimination.
4. Miratel Solutions Inc. (MSI) is committed to equity in employment and providing a workplace environment that treats all employees with respect and dignity.  We must reflect the diversity of Canadian society in our workforce and proactively manage special measures outlined in the Employment Equity Act.  In support of this goal, we have established a formalized Employment Equity Program within our organization in accordance with the high-standards of Human Resources Skills Development Canada criteria.
5. Miratel Solutions Inc. is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment that is free of violence and harassment for all of its employees and consistent with the Occupational Health & Safety Act and other applicable legislation.  To further support this goal, we have a Health and Safety Policy and Committee in place to monitor and regulate our work environment.
6. Miratel vets all suppliers and distributors to ensure they comply with applicable laws and generally accepted principles relating to business ethics and fair wage/fair labour standards.

The basis of many of our commitments as a leading North American call center are founded on the principles that incorporating doing the right thing is something a business can and should do. We know that building these principles into our corporate practices makes us more unique in our field and a clear choice as your outsourced partner.

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