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Beyond our extensive service platform, our people are at the heart of the effectiveness of our Toronto Call Center. Knowing more about our collection of talent will further demonstrate why you should partner with Miratel.

Miratel's management team will make it easy for you to retain and maximize your customer relationships by turning your project needs into strategic business advantages. While our Customer Relationship Agents (CRA) will ensure the connections your customers forge with your company are positive.  Each member brings a unique skill-set and an appreciation of ethical business practices to Miratel and together we form an incredible team that function with great cohesion. You can see the people of Miratel throughout this website as everyone pictured is an actual employee at our Toronto Call Center.    

We understand how to translate our experience into success for your business project or lottery campaign in tangible terms.  Our professional, dedicated team will support you every step along the way to ensure ultimate success and customer satisfaction.

Angela Puzzolanti, Managing Partner

Angela founded Miratel with Tracy in 2000 as both wanted to create a business that would bring the best in customer service and marry that with a principled, ethical approach which would provide cost effective solutions in the call center industry. With more than 15 years experience in the industry Angela has learned that integrity and trust are the key in building lasting partnerships with clients. Her expertise in operations and developing programs that bring results have aided Miratel in becoming an industry leader for call center solutions. She also relishes the contributions Miratel is able make to green initiatives that Miratel is associated with, making a difference is critical to Angela.

Tracy Ritson, Managing Partner

Tracy founded Miratel with Angela in 2000 and their collaboration in ideas, client relationship building and creating the ideal team has allowed the company to grow rapidly over the decade since its inception. With over 20 years in a senior management capacity, Tracy is an experienced executive with an extensive background in call center and not-for-profit associated services management.  Her ambition and dedication to her craft enabled her to rapidly ascend the corporate hierarchy and led to the desire to co-create Miratel with Angela to provide a better service for customers. Her strong work ethic, commitment to serving the planet and dynamic approach are key elements in the successful growth of Miratel today. 

Alex Moffat, Managing Director

With over 15 years experience in the not-for-profit sector Alexander is a highly motivated and creative leader. Alexander’s genuine dedication to Miratel’s company vision and its development has allowed both himself and Miratel to grow together since its inception in 2000. The last decade with the company has allowed Alexander to master every aspect of our business and lends his experience to his current role on a daily basis. With a knowledgeable and multi-faceted approach to business solutions, Alexander has ensured sustained annual growth and the overall retention of Miratel’s client base.  He is the senior member of our Client Management team and brings creativity, results and commitment to each of our valued clients.

Desi Cabrera, Call Centre Operations Manager

Desi brings more than 18 years of Call Centre and Client Relationship experience and has worked in numerous capacities within the industry.  Desi has progressed from customer relationship agent, to Human Resources Manager. Spending the last 4 years in Call Centre Management and Business Development, Desi has applied his unique and varied skill-set efficiently to the constantly changing nature of the business.  His strong belief in that there is never a problem, only challenges, lends well to our multifaceted environment where creative solutions are implemented to meet the needs of our clients and their customers.  Desi has practical and extensive experience in Project Implementation, Training Program Development, Inbound & Outbound Program Management, Reporting Analysis, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources and Staff Recruiting and Retention.

Michelle Ross, Fulfillment Operations Manager

A creative and professional individual with over 10 years experience of working with not-for-profit fundraising organizations. An excellent team player with solid organizational and project management skills, she thrives on using creative solutions to achieve client and business goals and objectives.  Michelle’s primary role is managing the financial components of our client’s campaigns. She has been responsible for reconciling campaign accounts valued at over $25 million and managing fulfillment operations. Michelle’s skill-set includes and is not limited to: Project Management, Financial Reporting, Client Statistical Reporting and Data Processing/Reporting.

Steve Debreczeni, IT Manager

Steve brings an exceptional IT background to Miratel with more than 15 years experience as an IT manager providing solutions and innovation within the field of technology for Miratel. His diverse background in multiple industries lends itself well to providing effective and practical IT solutions within our dynamic environment. Technology is the most rapidly changing component of our business and Steve offers both us and our clients strength in his ability to streamline processes to maximize efficiency for better results. Steve effectively manages projects that involve IT upgrades, analysis and research. He has also managed numerous data migration projects which involved significant data conversion and manipulation while adhering to tight timelines.

Our management team is dedicated to providing flexible, cost-effective solutions to drive your top-line growth. Trust the experts with your customers.


Customer Relationship Agents (CRA)
We are proud of our CRA's and we see them as our front line point of contact. Our agents are recruited and hired based on selective criteria such as proven sales records, industry-specific knowledge and experience in customer relations. We hire the best. We train the best. That's what makes us the best.

Our custom tailored training program includes an extensive and multi-tiered soft and hard skills based training curriculum. It also consists of regular testing and on-going coaching to ensure our CRA's are up to date on information and always prepared to service your customers. We treat your customers the way we treat our customers, with diligence, accuracy and dedication. Isn’t it time your customers received the high level of service that we can provide?

Regardless of your call center needs our CRA's are on the job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week servicing callers in both English and French. Our Toronto call center is designed to maximize efficiency and ensure our staffing meets your business needs by having people available to assist exactly when they are required.

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