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4 Key Reasons to Incorporate Mobile Marketing into Overall Nonprofit Fundraising and Outreach Plans

In the over 17 years I’ve been working within the nonprofit fundraising sector I’ve witnessed many technological advancements firsthand and, more importantly, the impact on reaching and engaging both new and existing supporters. This is particularly true with mobile marketing which has emerged in recent years as the strongest marketing channel.

According to 2011 research conducted by comScore in its 2012 Mobile Future in Focus report, 42% of all American mobile subscribers used smart phones and 14.3% of those smart phone users also have a tablet. In the 2 years since tablets have been released, they achieved an adoption level with consumers that took smart phones 7 years to achieve. That impressive consumer response to a new “luxury” product is even more impressive given these difficult economic times.  

The popularity of mobile devices is anticipated to continue growing at the same rapid rates as more models hit the marketplace offering different features at various price points making them even more accessible to consumers. It is predicted that in 2013 far more people will access online content via smart phone or tablet versus a PC or laptop.


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4 key reasons to consider mobile marketing into overall marketing strategies to optimize nonprofit fundraising opportunities are:  

  1. Helps to reach and engage new supporters and improves their online experience with your brand to ultimately grow donor contribution(s). With the increase in smart phone and tablet use it can be assumed that a large number of your supporters are also using these devices to access your online message. If a supporter encounters difficulties navigating or cannot access all features, they will be less likely to build a relationship with your brand. They will feel ill informed or feel that their needs are not catered to and will quickly move on to another cause that does. Considering the mobile device experience projects a modern, progressive image that values supporter’s time.  
  2. Mobile marketing has one of the highest returns on investment (ROI). The cost is as low as cents per click and preliminary research shows that text message open rates are much higher than traditional email and that the end user is more apt to read the message. Text messaging is emerging as a popular choice for communication.
  3. Quick Response (QR) Code strategies help increase engagement by creating a sense of intrigue and mystery. People want to know what is behind the code and find out what kind of information or special features they will have access to so don’t disappoint – you just may convert them into a donor.
  4. Strengthen social media marketing initiatives. 1 in 3 North American’s access social media networks or blogs from their mobile device and are using these networks to interact not just with people they know, but brands, companies and organizations. The portability and convenience of mobile devices have fueled social media platforms, as people can use these on the go, interacting real-time.

It goes without saying that nonprofits must really consider the inclusion of mobile marketing in their plans and budgets as it’s not only a cost effective and strong marketing channel but it’s also where your supporters are heading if they are not already there. Jump on-board and be prepared to properly meet the needs of all your supporters.   

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