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5 Tips to Overcome Writers Block for Stronger Nonprofit Blogging

Blogging has become the cornerstone of digital marketing strategies and so is the case with nonprofits. In addition to creating on-going original content that can solidify the organization as an authority in its area, it can also engage its community of (potential) supporters when shared through social media channels creating (SEO) valuable backlinks in the process. As part of our Social Media series for nonprofit fundraising, I have written about 7 Steps to Adding a Blog to Your Nonprofit Website, 6 Pointers for Effective Blogging for the New Nonprofit Blogger and 7 Tips for Successful Nonprofit Blogging. Despite the importance of regular blogging, “writers-block” (a condition in which a writer loses the ability to think of or produce new or original pieces of work) will happen. It is possible to be tapped out of fresh ideas. However, there are ways to overcome this and get back to producing content that is informative and engaging to your readers. Here are some tips I have used in the past that have helped me overcome writers-block.

  1. Set the Mood – We all have our own routines for preparing to write – it’s important to set the right mood that will create the best posts. Whether it’s writing at the same time of day, in an uninterrupted location, while sitting on a comfortable chair, or having relaxing background music, it’s important to determine what best sets the mood for you to get the words flowing.
  2. Take A Break – Often our work schedules are hectic and blogging simply becomes yet another task that needs to get accomplished. If you are having trouble clearing your mind of the day’s happenings, it’s best to take a break. Go for a brisk walk to exercise your body to help clear your mind and spark the creative juices so you are in a better frame of mind to write.
  3. Research – If you can’t seem to find what to write about, take some time to research cause/organization related keywords through Google searches. Or you can search by hashtags on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter or review peer discussions in related groups on LinkedIn. You will often come across hot topics that will inspire original pieces of your own that can also become popular posts.
  4. Compile a “Potential” File – While you research you will come across topics that may not immediately spark an idea but has potential for use in future posts as it may be of interest to your readers. Keeping track of these to reference when a block hits can provide you with options to kickstart content ideas if you are in a writer’s jam. Our social media/blogging team uses Clipix.com as a tool to store this information although you can also use Word, Excel or your email to keep track of them.
  5. Call A Friend – In this case you will want to call a colleague, someone who knows your work and what your writing topics are. A simple phone call just to talk about the latest cause-related trends or newsworthy topics occurring within your industry can easily inspire one or more posts that are both timely and relevant. Your colleague may also have suggestions of their own that you may have not originally thought of yourself.

Ultimately, blogging is not just another task that needs to be checked off a to-do list. Blogging is a creative art form that requires time, focus and energy that cannot be forced. It’s always important to ensure that your post is the strongest piece it can be or it’s better to not to post at all. What strategies have you used to overcome writers-block? Please share your experience in the comments.


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