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10 Best Cities to Live in Canada 2013

Often I write about reports that illustrate how Canada measures up globally. I’ve covered how Canada ranked in posts such as the best countries to live, the smartest countries, the happiest countries, the  most peaceful countries, the most sustainable countries, the friendliest countries, the most charitable countries, the most prosperous countries, the best countries for quality of life, the Best Countries for Business in 2013, the top 20 countries for life expectancy at birth, the best countries for working women, the best country for World Travel & Tourism, the most sustainable countries, the top countries in Clean Capitalism and most recently the best country for child well-being in rich countries index. I also like to take a look inward and see how various cities within our great nation rank. So today I’ll be looking at the 10 best (Large) Cities to live in Canada from MoneySense’s Canada’s Best Places to Live 2013 list.

MoneySense, “Canada’s leading personal finance magazine and leading personal finance website” defines large city as having a minimum population of 400,000 and added that this year’s list is its “most comprehensive data-driven snapshot of Canadian cities yet.” While they can’t measure every variable important to inhabitants, they did add “11 new categories to [the] process, bringing the total number of categories [they] track to 33 to get an even better picture of what life is like in each community.” The main criteria and points assigned were: walk/bike to work, transit, weather, population growth, unemployment, housing, household income, discretionary income, new cars, income taxes, sales taxes, property tax rate, property tax paid as percentage of income, crime, doctors, health professionals, number of doctor’s offices per ‘000, amenities and culture. Based on this data, the 10 best Large Cities from the Moneysense Best Places to Live in Canada 2013 list are:

  1. 10-best-cities-canada-toronto-map-Calgary, Alberta – Overall rank 2013: 1. Overall rank 2012: 14
  2. Ottawa, Ontario – Overall rank 2013: 6. Overall rank 2012: 1
  3. Edmonton, Alberta – Overall rank 2013: 11. Overall rank 2012: 8
  4. London, Ontario – Overall rank 2013: 15. Overall rank 2012: 36
  5. Winnipeg, Manitoba – Overall rank 2013: 16. Overall rank 2012: 10
  6. Halifax, Nova Scotia – Overall rank 2013: 20. Overall rank 2012: 4
  7. Toronto, Ontario – Overall rank 2013: 28. Overall rank 2012: 47
  8. Mississauga, Ontario – Overall rank 2013: 48. Overall rank 2012: 54
  9. Québec City, Québec – Overall rank 2013: 51. Overall rank 2012: 23
  10. Vancouver, British Columbia – Overall rank 2013: 52. Overall rank 2012: 56

Lists like Canada’s best cities to live 2013 can be helpful to those thinking of relocating their personal or professional life or business as living and working conditions would influence their decision. Although this list focuses on large cities within Canada, it also identifies how these cities ranked overall when compared to mid-size (population 100,000-400,000) and small (population less than 100,000) cities in 2013 and 2012 results. Our hometown Toronto ranked 47 overall in 2012 so we’re happy to see it jump up to 28. We’re hoping to see it in the top 10 overall next year.


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