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10 Top Companies from the CR Magazine 2013 100 Best Corporate Citizens List

CSR business initiatives and values are a priority to Miratel but we are still always happy to share the good work done by other corporations as well. In the past we’ve explored this topic in blog posts like the 50 Best Corporate Citizens in Canada 2012, the 30 Top Green Organizations in Canada According to Employee Engagement, the 55 Greenest Canadian Employers, the 50 Top Diversity Employers in Canada, the Top 50 Canadian CSR Business ListCanada’s Top Employers for 2013,  the top 10 Canadian boards according to gender representation, the Top Canadian Boards According to Visible Minority and Aboriginal Representation, the 10 Top Sustainable Companies from the 2013 Global 100 List, and the  12 top countries represented in the Global 100: World Leaders in Clean Capitalism report. Today I’m pleased to feature the top 10 of the 2013 100 best corporate citizens list.

The 2013 100 best corporate citizens list was published by Corporate Responsibility(CR) magazine which has a vision to “become the definitive source of global forums, media and summits on corporate sourcing and responsibility.” Their mission statement is to “provide senior executives with unparalleled learning, meeting, and networking experiences on corporate responsibility, human resources and financial management.” 2013 marks the fourteenth edition of this annual list.

The 100 Best Corporate Citizens List starting point is the “current corporate universe for all CR Magazine corporate citizenship lists [which] is [the] Russell 1000 companies.” They then use 298 data points of disclosure which can be categorized into seven grouping: environment, climate change, employee relations, human rights, governance, finance and philanthropy. Based on this methodology, the top ten of the 2013 100 Best Corporate Citizens list according to CR magazine are:

  1. 10-best-csr-business-citizens-cr-magazineAT&T, Inc. – Weighted average score: 48.42
  2. Mattel, Inc. – Weighted average score: 54.985
  3. Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. – Weighted average score: 56.93
  4. Eaton Corp. – Weighted average score: 59.485
  5. Intel Corp – Weighted average score: 61.05
  6. Gap, Inc. – Weighted average score: 70.89
  7. Hasbro, Inc. – Weighted average score: 71.89
  8. Merck & Co., Inc. – Weighted average score: 72.985
  9. Campbell Soup Co. – Weighted average score: 73.035
  10. Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. – Weighted average score: 73.2

Elliot Clark, CEO of CR Magazine says of this list that, “Each year we are pleased to witness the growing commitment by corporations in an effort to improve their performance.” This is supported by the fact that there are 26 companies on the 2013 list that didn’t appear in the 2012 edition. This illustrates that as consumers place a higher priority on sustainability and transparency companies are rising to the occasion.

This list doesn’t just celebrate the new comers into the fold but also the 11 companies who have made the top 100 every year since 2007. Also those who were on the list previously tended to do better this year as “32 companies rose in ranking in 2013 an average of 20 ranks;” which only further demonstrates the impact of this list.

When a credible media outlet publishes a ranking such as this one, it serves to inspire and motivate companies to improve how they do what they do and also provides a benchmark by which to measure their efforts and how they compare to their competitors. Congrats to all the companies that made the list!


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