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7 Examples of Successful Online Nonprofit Fundraising Initiatives

Online fundraising has grown significantly over the past decade to become an integral nonprofit fundraising strategy adopted by many as I recently highlighted in studies by The Chronicle of Philanthropy and the 2013 eNonproft Benchmarks Study.  The power of online giving is very significant as it can rally fast support after a natural disaster/crisis or help organizations or individuals in need. Plus it comes with a far-and-wide reach to attract the most supporters in the least amount of time. I came across an interesting infographic titled 16 Ways the Internet Has Proved It Has a Heart released by eBay Giving Works that exemplifies the power of online giving. The following are 7 examples of successful fundraising initiatives from the infographic:

  1. $3,360,664 – Raised through gofundme.com to help the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings which killed 3 people and injured 264 in April this year. Many other foundations and organizations set up online fundraising programs as well.
  2. $1,800,000 – Raised for the tornado disaster relief experienced in Moore Oklahoma in May this year which reached speeds of over 260 mph and killed 24 people. eBay itself raised over $591,144 from it’s shoppers through it’s giving program.
  3. $1,408,163 – Charity: water raised these funds following the wish of a child, 8 year old Rachel Beckwith to bring clean drinking water to developing nations. Even though her wish was not rewarded until after her passing, the initiative accomplished her wish.
  4. $703,168 – After getting national attention for getting bullied by children on a school bus, Karen Huff the bus monitor in New York State received funds through a fundraising initiative set up on indiegogo.com which she later distributed to other charities.
  5. $318,530 – Following the devastation in the north east US caused by Hurricane Sandy that resulted in over $71 billion in damage, indiegogo.com raised these funds surpassing their original goal of $100,000.
  6. $191,760 – Giveforward.com a site that raises money to help individuals set up a program to raise funds to reward Billy Ray Harris a homeless man in Kansas City who found and returned a diamond wedding ring.
  7. $185,000 – The devastating 7.0 Haitian earthquake which hit in January 2010 rallied the international community to help the country which lost approximately 200,000 lives. These funds were raised through Directrelief.com – just one example of the many online initiatives that collectively raised millions for this cause.

The power of online fundraising can really garner results that other channels would not likely produce. Regardless of the size or magnitude of the cause many online initiatives can go viral provided it has a compelling and motivating story, that is communicated effectively, is hosted on a reputable site, has a strong call to action and is marketed creatively and extensively.

What other successful online fundraising initiatives have you come across or come to mind? Share in the comments below.


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