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TIFF 2012 Celebrities and the Causes They Support Part 3

Welcome back to the third and final installment of my look at the philanthropic efforts of some of the stars attending the Toronto International Film Festival  (TIFF) which closes this weekend. TIFF is a special time of year here in Toronto and I love that it’s also becoming known as a festival of fundraising and I have featured the connection of celebrities and philanthropy in posts such as Part 1 and Part 2 of the TIFF attendees, 10  Most Charitable Celebrities from the 2012 Oscar Nominees, the 10 Top Forbes Power Celebrities and the Charities They Support, the 10 Highest Paid Celebrities from Forbes Under 30 List and their Philanthropic Efforts10 Top Celebrity Charitable Contributions Based on Publicity Value, the 10 Highest Paid Actors from Forbes List and their Charities and 5 of the Highest Paid Celebrity Couples and Their Charitable Associations. I’m using Look to the Stars to help research the charities supported by these TIFF celebrities.

These high profile stars are influencing giving with their fans and raising the profile of some very worthy causes. Plus they are building on the charitable spirit that is TIFF and 2012 has had a great spirit.


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