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5 Best Social Media for Nonprofit Fundraising posts in 2013

As we wrap up the year on the Miratel blog we continue looking back at our most popular posts of 2013. We enjoy sharing a diverse range of news and tips in the world of social media that can be applied in practical ways to assist the online marketing and growth of your nonprofit fundraising. Whether you are looking to build fundraising activities or better engage with your supporters social media can enhance what you do to a great extent. It’s been an exciting year for social media so let’s look back at the top five social media tip posts of 2013.

  1. 5 Management Tools to Measure Twitter Analytics for Optimal Nonprofit Fundraising and Engagement – Twitter celebrated their 7th anniversary this year although it often seems they’ve been around longer. Over the last three or four years the approach to both using and engaging with Twitter has become far more streamlined and nonprofits are seeing engagement rates continue to grow. Many users have only recently been digging into the analytics behind Twitter and your followers and once you do try some of these tools you’ll open up a whole new approach to using the medium.
  2. 5 Tips to Creating Social Media Campaigns for Successful Supporter Engagement & Nonprofit Fundraising – Social media use is growing by the day and yet many of us have learned to use the channels available in real-time, sometimes catching up as we develop our approach to building an audience and promoting engagement. While social media can be fun it can be time-consuming so it is recommended that you invest as much (or more) time in developing a strategy for social media as you spend using the tools that are available. These tips will help you save time, get organized and drive results.
  3. 4 Insights from 2013 Social Media Marketing Report Nonprofits Can Learn From– Perhaps the most exciting thing about social media is that it constantly changes and evolves, that lack of stagnation can also be the most frustrating aspect of it without understanding the constant alterations. These reports will help you better understand which tools are working well today, which are growing and which foster engagement. Keeping one eye on reports that measure the evolution of social media will best equip your nonprofit to grow online.

    Jusr where should you spend your social media time? These top tips from throughout 2013 should help.

  4.  2013 Nonprofit Fundraising and Social Media Outlook and 2012 Results – Back in January we looked at some of the most telling results and changes in 2012 and how they applied to nonprofits specifically. We also had a look in the crystal ball for 2013 and decided that platform focus, understanding where and who your audience are plus being bold enough to try new things would be key this year. For example Pinterest has grown for us by over 1000% this year and is now in the top 30 most visited websites in the world as opposed to #125 two years ago.
  5. 5 Tips on Growing Nonprofit Social Media Communities with Staff and Volunteers – Although this ranked 5th it might be the most important post of all to those of you who are already quite experienced with social media. You have an audience, you have content and you have a schedule – but how do you grow the acceptance of and application for social media within your own staff or volunteers? These tips can help you accomplish exactly that.

I definitely see a trend with the most popular social media tip posts for the year above as everyone is looking to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible. If I had to sum up the keys to social media today and in the future it would come down to planning, measuring, experimenting with one thing at a time and focusing – both on engagement and deciding which two or three social media avenues are key for your nonprofit.

Please let me know which of the five you found most informative or if you’d add anything to the tip list. We;ll be back Thursday with our 5 best fundraising posts from 2013.


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