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How the POST method can refocus your nonprofit social media plans

With the myriad of tools, advice and strategies online the idea of beginning or improving a nonprofit’s social media campaign can become a little daunting at times. While I do advocate a good volume of research when building out how you plan to best engage your donor audience the pure mountain of information can be a lot to digest. Yes, you should give thought to your demographics, key message, which platforms to use, frequency of updates, tricks & tips and how to track all of the information your efforts will generate but perhaps take a moment to reflect on the very simple foundations of social media and nonprofit fundraising – it should be social (two-way communication), responsive and fun.

I found today’s infographic to be the perfect example of a ‘back to basics’ approach’ to using social media – using a method called POST which is so straightforward it almost seems obvious plus very easy to remember, but contained in the plan are all of the key elements to get your nonprofit social media campaign either off the ground or back on track. The POST approach was developed by Josh Bernoff & Charlene Li and features in the book “Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies”. Incidentally I can’t recommend the book highly enough, it provides valuable insight into the comet-like acceleration of social media and how to be an active participant in social media rather than get lost in the maze of choices and ideas.

As for the POST method below (People, Objectives, Strategy, Technology) it definitely assists in providing a concise reminder of the basic elements of why we’re all using social media in the first place. Whether you’re blogging, creating a content schedule for Facebook/Twitter or networking via LinkedIn keeping these four principles front and centre will help in your decision making and improve the quality and value of your social media output which in turn can help foster relationships, loyalty and donor involvement with your cause.


People – You’ve already got a strong understanding of your existing audience and donor base. In tandem with your social media efforts it’s an ideal time to ask yourself who your potential audience should/might also include in the months and years to come. The value in that audience is only realized if the content you share is information they’ll want to like, share, pin, post or comment on.  Consider what they’ll find valuable and keep your content focused, exclusive, thought-provoking and inspiring.

Objectives – The only way to determine whether social media is helping your organization is having clearly defined objectives. Ultimately that might come down to reaching fundraising goals but the strength of social media is building foundations. Those who follow and share your content in 2014 may well be the new donors of 2015. So much of your work on social media is built around experimentation, if your audience loves videos and blog posts concentrate your efforts there. If information snippets, inside news and updates on Facebook creates energy then follow that path. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes but always tie those efforts back to your objectives.

Strategy – Strategy isn’t just planning but a full circle of how your objectives can be met and what will draw your audience to your organization initially and then to remain motivated and inspired by your cause. Essentially providing a reason for them to want to be involved in the first instance and then fulfilling that original promise by making them feel an important part of the solution by helping, and making those connections on the platforms they wish to use.  

Technology – The technology around social media is evolving so rapidly that it pays to keep taking the time to learn about updates to the tools and tactics that are instrumental for building your donor audience and driving engagement. A full understanding of steps 1-3 above allows you to best marry the existing technology to your overall nonprofit social media campaign. Remember, the obstacles you’ll face are rarely if ever unique to you, so explore to find out how technology is helping others. 

I hope you’ll find the attached infographic valuable and I feel that the consistent use of the POST method to social media can really aid in targeting all of the work you do in the field.

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