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The Philanthropy of Vanity Fair’s The New Establishment 2013

Vanity Fair’s The New Establishment 2013 was broken into two lists this year: “The Powers That Be” and “The Disrupters” and it serves as a power list of the elite from a cross-section of industries and genres. Today I’m going to be looking at the philanthropy of those Vanity Fair feels are shaping our world. This is a concept I’ve written about in previous posts like the  10 Most Charitable Celebrities from the 2013 Oscar nominees, the top 20 Celebrity Gone Good Part 1 (and Part 2), the 5 Celebrity Charity Events by Musicians, the 10 Celebrities Doing Interesting Things to Change the World, the 10 most charitable celebrities, the 10 Celebrities Doing Good for Women and Girls, the 10 highest paid actresses and their causes, the 10 highest paid actors and their charities as well as the TIFF 2013 Celebrities and the Causes They Support Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. With the help of Look to the Stars we’re highlighting the philanthropy efforts of ten people from Vanity Fair’s The New Establishment 2013.

It is refreshing to see that those with influence are using their notoriety to support and raise awareness of causes close to their hearts.


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